create VR and AR without any programming

Your tool to build VR & AR:
Create, Share & Measure

Publish and share

Create once and publish across Mobile, VR, Web, and AR Glasses

Your audience decide for them self which device they want to use for experiencing your 3D creations. You focus on your message and your content, Fectar Studio takes care of the distribution.

3D Objects

Holographic person 

360 Photo & Video

Image & Video

Remote sessions

Interactive buttons

Questions & feedback

Analitics & Measuring


Build your own interactive 3D presentations

Create immersive and interactive Augmented and Virtual Reality scenes without any programming. Use our library with free 3D content and basic templates. Build a lesson, a store, a scavenger hunt, just anything you can think of. AR and VR are just one click away.


Start fast and learn fast

Our platform is iterative, with many of its new features informed by the feedback we get from our 500K+ monthly active users (we’ve had over five million downloads so far). It’s developed for the people creating AR experiences – you and your team – the organisations they’re powering, and the ROI they’re aiming for.


Grow with Fectar

Your toolset:
  • Office 360
  • Powerpoint

Anyone can now start with the metaverse

So you have never worked with 3D content in your whole life? Image, video, 3D models, it's all the same for you? No problem, as soon as you found out that uploading a 3D model in Fectar Studio is as easy as uploading a .zip file, you will star creating your own interactive spaces. Within minutes, you will show all your friends the 3D model of the car you have just placed in AR.

Tools you will love in Fectar Studio:

  • Tours and Wizards to get you started
  • Easy to use Templates
  • No coding
  • More than 800 free 3D assets
  • Intuitive interface
  • Video tutorials and more
Your toolset:
  • Sketchfab, CGTrader, TurboSquid
  • SketchUp, Tinkercad
  • Office 360, Adobe Creative Suite

Designers and webdevelopers

You know a bit of designing and you have some experience with 3D models. However, you have never created a 3D model yourself. No problem. You can start with Fectar and create interactive metaverse spaces from scratch.

Tools you will love in Fectar Studio:

  • Basic and advanced content (360 images and video)
  • Add interaction without programming
  • Ready made QR Codes to share with others
  • Hundreds of demos to get inspired
Your toolset:
  • Sketchfab, CGTrader, TurboSquid
  • Sketchup, Blender, Tinkercad
  • MAYA, 3DS Max, Blender

You know 3D

You know what is means to talk about polycount, textures and vertices. Until now you have rendered 3D images and files on a desktop machine with a lot of memory. let's get started with the metaverse. With your background, this will be a great discovery of whole new opportunities.

Tools you will love in Fectar Studio:

  • 3D models: glTF, OBJ and Unity Asset Bundles
  • Add interaction, URL buttons, navigation and more
  • Use our 3D Academy to extend you knowledge about AR and VR friendly 3D modelling
Your toolset:
  • 3D model software: MAYA, 3DS Max, Blender, etc.
  • Texturing software: Substance Painter, Mari, 3D Coat etc.

You know Unity and 3D

You have excellent knowledge of 3D. One day your client wants one of their products showcased in AR. The model for this client is modeled and textured with 3Ds Max and rendered offline with Arnold. With some online help, you will create a GLTF file and upload this in Fectar Studio. With Fectar Support, we will show you how to make your 3D models Game-Ready and what you need to create PBR-Textures for your model.

Tools you will love in Fectar Studio:

  • Our Unity Video tutorials
  • Add your own Unity Asset Bundles
  • Fectar Blocks: scripting your AR games just got very easy!
Your toolset:
  • Unity
  • 3D model software: MAYA, 3DS Max, Blender, etc.
  • Texturing software: Substance Painter, Mari, 3D Coat etc.

The professional 3D Game Developer

You know all about "Game-Ready" and PBR Materials. You can build an Interactive Escape Room in Fectar using Unity. Create a free trial account and start with uploading Unity Asset Bundles. Watch our YouTube video tutorials. With the correct scripts provided by Fectar, you will be up and running in no time

Tools you will love in Fectar Studio:

  • Our Unity Video tutorials
  • Add your own Unity Asset Bundles
  • Fectar Blocks: scripting your AR games just got very easy!

start now with THE METAVERSE

Create content quickly no coding skills required

We’re democratising the power of AR & VR, giving you intuitive access to deep engagement tools and features. Plus, market-leading architecture and data-rich insights. Start fast and learn fast with Fectar (no coding required).


Optimised for maximum performance across all devices and networks

Our Metaverse technology lowers the barriers, prioritising accessibility without compromising on powerful, immersive tools and features. It works on any mobile device with a standard internet connection and again, requires zero coding experience.


Use standard templates as samples

When you start exploring new technology, nothing works faster than starting with a template. Get familiar with Fectar Studio and all the content options by looking at ready to go templates.


Industry-leading analytics, including heat maps to deliver data-driven insights

Fectar Studio is designed to be easy, and it’s designed to function. Transformative AR experiences, alongside robust data capture. The perfect balance.

Free 3D Assets

Create a Proof of Concepts in a matter of minutes

With more than a 1,000 free 3D assets, you can start creating your first interactive 3D presentations from the very first moment you start.

Mobile friendly

Edit your interactive Augmented Reality creation any time, any place, any device.

Just get out your smartphone and get creative with Fectar Studio, without any coding or software installation. Start with AR now, nothing holds you back to become successful in the new 3D world.