Without programming or software installation

Fectar is available on Meta Quest & Pico Neo

Now you can do VR yourself

Creating a new VR experience can be very expensive and will take a lot of time. That is no longer the case with Fectar. You can start today, without any programming skills, you can create, change and share your own interactive VR experiences with the whole world.

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Create content quickly no coding skills required

We’re democratising the power of VR & AR, giving you intuitive access to deep engagement tools and features. Plus, market-leading architecture and data-rich insights. Start fast and learn fast with Fectar (no coding required).

YOUR VR ON Meta quest

Create your 3D Spaces without coding

You can do this yourself. There is no need for IT developers, 3D modelers, Unity experts, App Store management, update, upgrades, or software installation. And there is no cap on the number of viewers of your content. And there are no hidden charges for data or buttons.

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AND ON pico neo 3, 4 & pro

Get Fectar in the Pico Store

No need for an account, this VR headset is ready to go. Easy to use, comfortable to wear, and no strings attached. A user-friendly set to take with you everywhere you go.

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Publish and share

Go live with one click

With Fectar Studio, you create interactive 3D Spaces for all devices in one go. This is what we call multi-user, multi-device. Set your 3D Space to Private, Unlisted, Protected (PIN code), or Public.


Gain User Insights with industry-leading analytics, including heat maps

Get fast insights in user activity in your 3D Presentations. You can track gazing, walking and more. Transformative AR experiences, alongside robust data capture. The perfect balance.